Thursday, 19 May 2016

Great Other Ways To Use A Blush

Hello Ladies, it’s been a great week so far. How have you guys been doing?

I hope all the positive results you’re anticipating have started falling in place. I’d love to share these Blush tricks I discovered recently. 

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With these, you can turn that regular Blush palette to a multipurpose makeup item. 

Here’s how: 

1. Blush As An Eye shadow: Blushes provide your cheeks with a natural flushed look without looking harsh or bold like eye shadows. So, you can use a blush as an eye shadow to achieve a natural soft look on your eyes. The formula of the blush is not pigmented like a normal eye shadow and you can layer it for vibrancy or wear it for a soft hint of color. Use a good primer or apply a concealer prior to the application of the blush for your eyes. It will increase the vibrancy and prevent creasing, making it last longer. Carefully choose the color of the blush, such as soft pinks, corals and browns to get the right look. Avoid using deeper mauve, maroons or purples as eye shadows as it might give you a tired, sallow eye look. 

2. Use Blush Over Your Lipstick: When your blush matches the lipstick, it can turn out to be a match made in heaven! Apply your favorite lip color all over your lips. Then dip a flat eye shadow brush or your index finger in the blush, which matches your lipstick color. Now start printing it all over your lips. Gently stamp and press the blush with your finger uniformly all over the lip area to avoid any blotchiness. Now you will get the popping color in a gorgeous, matte finish.You can be creative by using the blush for your lips by trying different colors rather than matching it with the lipstick. If you wish for an ombre effect, pack a purple blush over the corners of your pink lip.  

3. Deeper Eye Crease: A deeper brown, peach or a soft bronze blush can easily double up as a transition color for your eye makeup. Load the blush in a fluffy blending brush and pack it gently on the crease or socket area of your eyes. Then, use a short, windshield wiper motion to swiftly blend the color and diffuse it for a soft smokey look. 

4. Tinted Lip Balm: The same old lip balm colors can get boring. If you are looking for some different lip colors, but do no not want to use a colorless lip balm, then, this trick is perfect for you. Squeeze out some Vaseline and mix it with some blush powder to create a soft tinted lip balm instantly. The lip balm tint can be customized according to your preference. If you prefer subtle effect, add only a tiny pinch of blush and for stronger effect, simply add more blush. 

5. Increase Lipstick Longevity: Apply a thin layer of lipstick. Then blot it with a clean tissue paper before applying a layer of blush matching your lipstick all over your lips. Follow this up with another coat of lipstick. This trick will increase the longevity of the lipstick irrespective of the formula. If you are always worried about your lipstick smearing, this trick will surely be a true winner!

Using multi purpose makeup products is not just good for your pocket, but it also saves space! These products are a must have when you are traveling and have a space crunch. Now you can look your absolute best without a plethora of makeup products!

And yipee!!! that's the trick....who is trying it out?

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