Tuesday, 24 May 2016

5 Lipstick Hacks

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Don’t you just hate broken lipsticks? Trying to perfect lining your cupids bow? Tired of your lipsticks melting in the heat? If Yes....then not to worry, have got the solution.

Well with this post, you can find out some useful tips to solve this! 5 very simple and quick lipstick hacks that can be the resolution to those annoying daily lipstick challenges.

1. Enhancing your lipstick colour. 

Using a concealer that matches your normal skin tone and a damp beauty blender/make up sponge apply the concealer across the whole of your lip. This helps neutralise your lip colour so that your natural pink or brown lips do not affect the effectiveness of the lip colour you will apply. Especially useful for nude lipsticks as it serves as a great base allowing the exact shade of nude lipstick to appear more enhanced on your lips. 

2. Easy cupids bow. 

Not all of us have a natural well pronounced cupids bow, drawing an ‘X’ where you want your cupids bow to be can be an easy way to solve this. This works if you creating a cupids bow that you don’t have or if you are simply outlining your natural cupids bow. 

3. Easy matte lipstick. 

If like me, you like an extra matte lip most of the time, you can achieve this by lightly applying a translucent powder or even dusting powder over your lipstick. This not only absorbs the oil/shine of the lipstick making it appear more matte, but also helps set the lipstick so that your lipstick won’t be easily transferable

4. Repair broken lipstick. 

Use a lighter, or candle and hold the broken halves above the flame for a few seconds and it will melt. Attach the two halves together whilst they are both still melted and begin to mould and shape them together trying to re-create the original lipstick shape. Place it in a cold dry place for a few hours to dry. 

5. Avoid melted lipstick. 

Sometimes lipsticks do melt! Yes melt! Living in a hot climate does sometimes mean that your products are exposed to conditions that can affect their original form, not to worry, simply pop any melted lipsticks into the fridge/freezer for a few hours for them to restore there strength, then apply as normal. 

I really hope this helps! See ya!!!!

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