Monday, 23 May 2016

Makeup Tips For Your Date Tonight!!!

Got a hot date tonight? Don’t forget to put your best face forward! 

Applying makeup is an art that some women manage to do exceptionally well, and they, just like makeup professionals and experts, understand the difference between day and evening makeup. 

There needs to be a distinction between the two since day makeup worn in sunlight ought to be more natural than makeup worn when dark.  

Night-outs and after dark occasions are perfect times to experiment with glamorous makeup. 

Evening makeup can be characterized by long and lustrous lashes, glitter and shimmer and dark colors. Dark shades work well for outdoor occasions and you go softer for home parties in the evening. 

Here are some tips and techniques for looking gorgeous for any occasion later this evening, that will get you some beautiful compliments! 

1. Smokey Eyes

Subdued light in the evenings are an excellent time to create smokey and darker eyes. Deep browns and grays and burgundies are ideal after dark. Use a pencil to define your eyes. For a more dramatic look, extend the top lash liner outwards and a little upwards. You can use black mascara for the upper lashes and deep brown for the lower lashes. To complete the glamorous eye look, blend the colors suitably to conceal lines where colors merge

2. Natural Lips 

Image result wey dey for black girl's smokey eyes-portrait

It is best to stick to lip shades that complement your skin tone and eye color. Women with red skin tones should stay away from deep pink and yellow skinned women steer clear from shades of orange. Light shades suit thin lips and dark shades are ideal for fuller lips. Ensure you choose a lip liner that is closest in color to your lip shade. This is because even when you blot away lip color unintentionally, the lip liner will remain intact. Lips should be underplayed if you want to achieve dramatic eyes. The appearance can also be reversed where lips assume the focal point and eyes take a more natural appearance. Lip gloss works for both situations to render color and shine to your lips. 

3. Shimmering Cheeks 

Try to obtain a silky and even complexion by using liquid foundation. You can use powder to soften the entire look. With a large brush, even out illuminator for a luminous impact on the skin. Use amber colored blush to highlight your cheeks especially at their temples. Create a chiseled look by using a hint of blush on the higher contours of your cheeks. 

Finally, wear a great attitude and a beautiful smile to complete your makeover!

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