Tuesday, 5 April 2016

4 Reasons to Use a Primer

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Do you often get your face wonderfully made up only for it to smear or melt away before you have even gotten to your destination? If this is your case then good news is here.

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A face primer is a makeup product that can transform you into a head turner. Read on to find out the benefit of this makeup product; primer 

1. They provide different finishes: There are various types of face primers to suit every skin type. They offer you the advantage of choosing the type of makeup finish you want. Face primers are transparent or tinted and hydrating or drying, get one that suits your face. 

2. It gives a smooth base: Face primers can create an even and smooth base for your makeup. Most primers are silicon based which helps in retaining moisture and repelling water. So, a primer helps to fill out facial pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne and most skin blemishes. 

3. It makes your makeup stay: This is one of the major advantages of a primer. Who doesn’t want their makeup to last longer? A primer will do just that for you 

4. Multipurpose: A facial primer can also act as an eye primer. Apply a coat to your eyes before your eye makeup, It prevents your makeup from smudging, fading or creasing by absorbing excess oils. 
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5. Boost your eyelashes: There are also eyelash primers. These products help to boost your lashes. Use on your lashes before applying your coats of mascara. These eyelash primers help in amplifying smaller sparse fringes and also condition your eyelashes with hydrating properties. 

However, just because it makes makeup last longer and deals with facial blemishes don’t mean you should coat away. A pea sized amount should do just fine

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