Monday, 30 May 2016

How To Apply Eyeliner To The Waterline

Applying eyeliner to your waterline (inner rim of the eye) can emphasize your eyes and I’ve always wondered how babes manage to have that perfect eyeliner along their waterline blended with the lashes. 


Well, I finally found out the 2-step secret.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Lip Tricks You Don’t want To Miss

lipsImage result for matte lipstick on lips                 
Image result for matte lipstick on lips
Hey ladies, today I’m going to give your lips some tricks you really don’t want to miss. 

Here are some awesome tricks for your lips; 

1. Use a lip balm with SPF for your lips, they need protection from ultra violet rays like the rest of your body. 

Mistakes Ladies Make With Eye Liner


We all know that eyeliner can make such a big difference on our faces and it is also one of the trickiest products to apply. As with other makeup products, ladies tend to make a lot of mistakes when using them. 

Here are some mistakes ladies make when using eye liner products: 

1. Over-lining the bottom lid: Ladies often get carried away and line their lower lids rather too harshly. Making it so dark can make your eyes appear smaller (it’s ok if achieving smaller eyes is your aim). Also, it’s more prone to smudges. 

How to Apply Kajal Perfectly!

Kajal is a woman’s best friend, especially because it beautifies the eyes instantly, while lighting up the face. Besides being a cosmetic product, you should know that it has some medical properties, which help in preventing eye ailments. 

The Kajal, or in the local language known as surma, is said to brighten the overall look of your dressing!!! The Indians are known to be a large group of kajal users as it goes more with traditional wear. 

Here are few of the basic steps that will help you to apply kajal properly:

Friday, 27 May 2016

Make-Up Removers

If like me, you have to remove your make up when you wear it, then this post should be useful. 

Have you ever come home, looking forward to jumping into bed, when you realise you have run out of face wipes/baby wipes/make up remover?!! This is a very annoying experience, but luckily it always turns out well when you have products around the house that can be used as natural make up removers. 

Here are some natural makeup removers… 

1. Olive oil 

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Eyebrows Do’s & Don’ts

I think it’s no surprise that I am a brow lover! Let’s just say, my brow game has come a long way since I started, lol. I have personally made some of these errors myself, so technically by me pointing them out, you can avoid some mistakes!!  

1. DO maintain your natural brows by shaping and grooming them, this will make them easier to fill. If you have nice full natural brows, you may not need to fill at all! DON’T feel the need to shave them all off to achieve the look you want, if you have extremely stubborn brows I know some opt to shave off the ends. Ultimately I will say shape not shave!! 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

7 Effective Makeup Tips That Make Your Eyeshadow Look Brighter

Hey ladies, ever wondered how to get that perfect bright colour eyeshadow? It is a secret – well not really! 

I have compiled a list of tips that will help you get the look you desire. Regardless of the colour, makeup brand, texture or finish, with these tips you can now confidently carry the eyeshadow and make your eyes look more beautiful! 

1. Eye Primer: 

Most of us concentrate more on the end result of the eye makeup, but we always forget to use an eye primer. Eye primers work like a multipurpose product. It is a total misconception that eye primers work for the sole purpose of increasing the longevity of the eyeshadows. 

Eye primers also add vibrancy to the eyeshadows, making the colour pop up on your eyelid and doesn’t get affected by the eyelid pigmentation that you may naturally have.

Eye primers come in different finishes. You can choose a skin tone variation to even out the eyelid pigmentation as well as help the eyeshadow pop. A white or pale coloured primer will make the eyeshadows appear extremely vibrant. 

How to Wear Eye Liner

Image result wey dey for how to apply eye liner   

  • Apply a kohl eyeliner pencil from the inner to the outer edges of your upper lashline.  
  • Close your eye and pull your lid taut to draw your line. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Favourite Foundation

Hello Sweeties, it’s time to talk favourites! What’s your favourite foundation? 

Foundation is a skin coloured cosmetic applied to the face to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, to cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skin tone. It’s the base of every beauty look that keeps our confidence in check when our skin won’t cooperate. 

They come in different colours/shades which are identified by names, numbers, letter or a combination of the three and can be applied on the face with a sponge, brush, fingers or airbrush. 

Foundation application tips: 

5 Lipstick Hacks

Image result wey dey for great lipstick 

Don’t you just hate broken lipsticks? Trying to perfect lining your cupids bow? Tired of your lipsticks melting in the heat? If Yes....then not to worry, have got the solution.

Well with this post, you can find out some useful tips to solve this! 5 very simple and quick lipstick hacks that can be the resolution to those annoying daily lipstick challenges.

1. Enhancing your lipstick colour. 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Makeup Tips For Your Date Tonight!!!

Got a hot date tonight? Don’t forget to put your best face forward! 

Applying makeup is an art that some women manage to do exceptionally well, and they, just like makeup professionals and experts, understand the difference between day and evening makeup. 

There needs to be a distinction between the two since day makeup worn in sunlight ought to be more natural than makeup worn when dark.  

Night-outs and after dark occasions are perfect times to experiment with glamorous makeup. 

How To Fix Annoying Beauty Blunders

1. Lipstick on teeth

Image result wey dey for lipstick stain on teeth

Since when did it become cool to rock your lip colour right on your smile? Umm, never! Try to avoid this embarrassing look by: 

  • First applying your lip shade with control. 
  • Don’t over apply after two coats. 
  • Use a lip brush, and once you’re done, 
  • Make an ‘O’ shape with your mouth, take your index finger, stick it in your mouth and pull it out. 
This will eliminate any extra lip colour on the inner lip looking to make its way onto the teeth. 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Washing Your Face The Right Way

We might think that washing our face is a very simple task; just put some soap there and rinse it out yeah? But we could be causing damage to our skin by doing that. 

There’s a right way and a wrong way when it comes to washing our faces. Washing your face the wrong way can cause dryness, irritation and breakouts and washing it the right way could even slightly improve your complexion; do I have your attention now? 

We should bear in mind when it comes to washing our face that using the appropriate cleanser is key, use a cleanser that suits your skin type.

Here are some steps to follow when washing your face; 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Products That Will Give You the Perfect Eyebrows You Desire

If you are like me, then you would be on a constant quest to get the perfect eyebrows. I can’t stand an imperfect brow… argh! So when I learn of new ways to make my brows perfect I get all excited. 

These 4 tips are sure to give you the brows you desire; 

1. Use concealer:

Tunde K. Mason for    

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Great Other Ways To Use A Blush

Hello Ladies, it’s been a great week so far. How have you guys been doing?

I hope all the positive results you’re anticipating have started falling in place. I’d love to share these Blush tricks I discovered recently. 

                                         Image result wey dey for blush palette

With these, you can turn that regular Blush palette to a multipurpose makeup item. 

Here’s how: