Monday, 30 May 2016

How To Apply Eyeliner To The Waterline

Applying eyeliner to your waterline (inner rim of the eye) can emphasize your eyes and I’ve always wondered how babes manage to have that perfect eyeliner along their waterline blended with the lashes. 


Well, I finally found out the 2-step secret.

#Step 1:

Choosing Your Eyeliner: When lining your waterline, use a colour that matches your lashes. Use a darker colour to line the top and bottom waterline, it can give the illusion of fuller lashes. 

Use an off-white pencil on the bottom waterline to make eyes appear larger and brighter. Make sure you select an eyeliner with a matte finish. Shimmer, metallic, and colored liners are a no-no for the waterline, as these colours and finishes can leave you looking tired or washed out. -Whether you are using a light or dark eyeliner, the technique and application rules are universal. 

#Step 2: 

Applying Eyeliner: Lining your top waterline is universally flattering, although those with small eyes should avoid lining the bottom waterline as it can make your eyes appear smaller than they are. 

  • Start by gently pulling the top lid up, exposing more of the waterline and pulling it from the eye.  Then, you want to trace the waterline with your eyeliner, being sure to smudge the colour into your lashes well. This gives the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes if using a black or dark brown, and eyes that are more “awake” if you use an off-white. -You want to avoid the inner corner of your eye, and stop the color where your lashes end. Repeat the same steps for the bottom lash line, stopping the inner portion of the bottom line at the end of your lash line. 
  • Make sure the eyeliner connects at the outer corner of your waterline.  If you’re using a lash-matching colour, be sure to smudge the colour into your lash line, once again to give the appearance of fuller lashes.   
  • Finish your look with a few coats of mascara. 
  • Use falsies (false lashes) to really amp up the look and make your eyes a focal point. 
  •  As with all makeup, be sure to thoroughly remove all eyeliner from your waterline and the inner corner of your eye at the end of your day and never share eyeliner.  You are more susceptible to infection if you use someone else’s eyeliners and mascaras, so play it safe and invest in your own product.   
If you forget your eyeliner and absolutely must borrow?  Don’t line your waterline. It’s better to be safe than to contract pink eye. 


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