Sunday, 22 May 2016

Washing Your Face The Right Way

We might think that washing our face is a very simple task; just put some soap there and rinse it out yeah? But we could be causing damage to our skin by doing that. 

There’s a right way and a wrong way when it comes to washing our faces. Washing your face the wrong way can cause dryness, irritation and breakouts and washing it the right way could even slightly improve your complexion; do I have your attention now? 

We should bear in mind when it comes to washing our face that using the appropriate cleanser is key, use a cleanser that suits your skin type.

Here are some steps to follow when washing your face; 

Wash your hands first: First and foremost you should wash your hands this is because your hands come in contact with a lot of dirt and contamination, so washing your hands can prevent the transfer of germs and dirt to your face. 

Remove your makeup: Most of us just go straight to the washing, but we are supposed to remove our makeup using an appropriate makeup remover. 

Apply cleanser: Some of us apply too much cleanser and this can irritate the skin, basically you require very little to wash your face. Apply the cleanser all over your face and use your fingertips to gently massage using a circular motion. Be nice to your skin and avoid scrubbing too hard. You can allow the cleanser stay on for a minute or two to allow it be absorbed by the skin.

Rinsing your face: When rinsing the face, try not to use extreme temperatures as they can damage the skin, cause inflammation and irritation. 

Drying: Use a clean towel to dry your face always. Do not rub your face with the towel instead pat dry. 

Tone the skin: Toners remove left over makeup, dirt and oil traces that may have been left behind after cleansing. They also reduce the pores and refine your skin. You will end up feeling lighter. 

Moisturize: Apply hydrating cream or moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type after cleansing. 

So ladies, do you think there is any step I skipped? I would love to know, share with me by commenting below… xoxo

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