Thursday, 19 November 2015



Hey! Peeps, How’s your day going? Mine’s OK.

Today were going to talk about some very important tips which most people do not know but should. 

Here are some tips you should know;

1. Do not apply foundation with your finger: some ladies use their fingers to apply foundation and even spread it at times, this is super wrong because it transfers millions of unseen bacteria. 

2. Do use blotting papers: Using tissue is wrong its best to use blotting paper for touch ups, it saves more products and most times you do not have to reapply more. 

3. Moisturize: most ladies think moisturizers make your foundation oily, that’s not true you need to moisturize your face before applying your foundation. If you have oily skin then stick to matte foundation but always moisturize. 

4.Do not pile foundation on your face: Foundation is meant to be like skin not another layer of skin. If a foundation isn’t giving you your desired coverage find one with a better coverage which you will need a little product to go a long way. 

5. Do not use dirty brushes or sponges: This is very crucial, always wash your brushes after at least two days, you don’t want to add more bacteria to your face that's why you use a brush in the first place. 

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