Monday, 23 November 2015

Alternative Uses Of Your Makeup Products

Alternative Uses Of Your Makeup Products  

 HEY Ladies, happy new week.

There are so many things we can use our makeup products for, sadly most of us are used to the general use. I’ll take you through other things you could do with makeup products. 
  • Your eye shadow can also work as eyeliner: use a damp brush on the eye shadow you want to use, and you’ve gotten an eyeliner. 

  • Matte eye shadow: it can also be used as brow filler or gel, this is if you have a color that is same as your eyebrow color.

  • Concealer: this can work as a nude lipstick, preferably a concealer that isn’t liquid. You can also use your concealer as an eraser, where you’ve made a little mistake with your eyeliner. As a tinted moisturizer, simply mix a little concealer with face lotion to get the moisturized look. 

  • Eye shadow, can also work as bronzer, highlighter, tattoo concealer and can also work for contouring, You can also use an orange eyeshadow to hide dark spots, instead of using a color corrector

  • Your lipstick can be used as blush and eye shadow base.

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