Thursday, 26 November 2015


When I first got my set of makeup brushes, there were like 20 different brushes in it, and I wondered if I was to use it all every morning *scary*. Like 10 of them were meant for the eyes and frankly, I use just 4 of those. To save you the stress and money used to buy a whole brush set, I have put together the 4 essential eye makeup brushes you need. 

 eye makeup brushes

1. Angle brush: This is useful for applying shadow to the corner and creases of the eye, fill in eyebrows for a fuller look, line the outer edges of your brows with concealer, line the eyes, create definition and darken the outer corners of eyes. It’s quite a multi-tasker. 


2. Flat brush: This brush is useful for applying eye shadow to the entire lids and also it is useful for highlighting the area just below the brow bone. 


3. Fluffy brush: This brush is very important as it is used for blending the colors of your eye shadow. 

4. Spoolie brush: This is used to brush your eyebrows before and after filling with a pencil. It makes it appear neater. 

Ladies, did I leave out any important eye brush? Let me know by commenting below… xoxo

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