Friday, 17 June 2016

Regrowing Your Edges!!!

Who would have thought edges will be so important in this life, back in secondary school, when people had bad edges, it was so funny but never really meant much. I loved calling some of my friends ‘rat head’ cause their edges were so scanty.

Now you need those friggin edges, especially when you’re on a high bun or ponytail. It’s so important and a part of your packaging as a lady/girl/woman.

Straight to the matter, the reason a lot of people have bad edges is cause they never ever let their hair see the light of the day. It’s from one weave to another, or to braids, locks and all those other styles that put a lot of pressure on the edges. If you don’t like how your natural hair looks cause of the edges or something, invest in a good wig, this will stop the weaves and braids from pulling out your hair.

If my advice is coming late, and your edges are already damaged, or look like my friends ‘rat hair’ Lol… Help yourself with these tips;

1. Get yourself castor oil; massage it into your scalp, and the slow growth areas. Do this every morning, and evening, within a few weeks you’ll see great improvement.

2. Get good shampoos that work for hair growth

3. Stop using bond glues and gel for your hair

4. Use Shea butter and other oils like; lavender and rosemary. This will help with faster results, especially if you warm the oil a little.

5. Add hair vitamins to your supplements

Don’t forget to share your testimony, once you get back your edges by commenting….

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