Monday, 21 December 2015


Hey Peeps bin a while, have bin quite busy but yeah i'm back!!

Most ladies have that facial feature that they love more than the others for reasons best known to them. 

It has been proven that people who focus on the positive are happier than those who focus on their flaws. So, it’s only right that you focus on your best features which will make you happier and more confident in your appearance. 

If you don’t already know what your best feature is, what you need to do is think back on the feature that has gotten you the most compliments or on the feature that you love the most; it could be your eyes, cheekbones, lips and so on. 

1. Eyes: Have you been blessed with lovely eyes or long lashes? Play up these features by applying lovely eye shadows on your lids and with a white shimmery shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. Shiny things draw attention. To your lashes, apply mascara to both your upper and lower lash to open up your eyes. When playing up your eyes, you might want to go easy on your lip color so as to balance out your eyes. 

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2. Lips: When trying to play up your lips, you should go light on your eye makeup. Choose a bright lip color or one that flatters your skin tone. Highlight your cupids bow using a highlighter and then line your lips to give it more definition. 

3. Bone structure: If you were born with a model bone structure, you need to make the best out of them. Using a highlighter or concealer, highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, under your brow bone, the center of your chin and just above your lips. 

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4. Skin: If you have that flawless skin that every lady is dying for… then you are lucky. In this case, less is definitely more. Choose foundations that use phrases like “glow” and “luminous wear”. They will definitely enhance your beautiful skin tones.

Hey Ladies let me know what you think....

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