Tuesday, 15 September 2015

5 Fabulous Lipsticks


1. Toast of New York


This is so old-school, you guys! and it’s making a comeback again.

I feel like there have been an overabundance of dark browns with almost grayish undertones lately, and I like that look on some people.

This kind of brown has a little yellow in it, and I think it makes it more wearable.The matte finish also has a hint of a shine to it.

 2. Dark Purple


Do you think this lipstick is on the dark side or the light…?

This dark purple berry is a classic color and it has a creamy finish. It’s also flexible.

You can wear it as a stain by applying one layer, then blotting, or build it up like its done above.


3. Blake’s Red

loreal blakes red
Blake’s Red is a beauty of a neutral red, neither too warm nor cool, with an opaque demi-matte finish, and it won’t just work through fall. This one will also carry you through the holidays.

I love this lippie with classic looks, and it suits a wide range of skin tones. Wear it with a simple cat eye for something vintage, or a black or gray smoky eye, or metallic golden lids.


4. Rum Raisin

                           revlon rum raisin

 If Dark Purple isn’t your thing, how about a rosy berry like Rum Raisin instead? This one’s a year-round shade that looks lovely with smoky browns, bronzes and khakis.

5. Stormy Sahara 

                           maybelline stormy sahara

Stormy Sahara…

I SO love this lippie’s name. I feel like I’m always over excited about the nude color, and the reason is simple: IT’S AWESOME.

With no shortage of dark lip colors, sometimes I crave something more nude like Stormy Sahara to wear with smoky eyes. I think it’s one of the very best nudes available.

Completely opaque, it’s also incredibly comfortable. The color has a little bit of warmth to it, too, which I like because pale and/or cool nudes sometimes wash out my lips. I like nudes with a little warmth and peachiness to them, and this one has both.

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